User Experience User Interface Wayfinding

Collaborators: Erik Maxwell

Duration: One Week

My Role: User Interviews, Research, Journey Map, Personas, Wireframe, Screen Design

The Problem

Getting gas can be a hassle, the payment system does not seem secure, it's repetitive, and the machine is physically antiquated. There's a great need for rethinking the gas-filling experience to make it more enjoyable, quick, and easy.

The Solution

Arco’s new service offers regular customers the ability to pre-select payment and gas options and save them to a keychain and RFID chip that will be placed on the dashboard of each owner’s car. Both pieces of information will stay secure as it remains with the owner, and payment will be as simple as inputting a code. Arco is able to enhance the experience by working with AM/PM to allow the purchasing of snacks straight from Arco's new interface.


Based on interviews with seven people, we discovered that the gas pump experience was unanimously unenjoyable. Major reasons were that the experience is repetitive, the payment system seems unreliable, and the task always feels like a chore. From statistics, we also discovered that 70% of a gas station’s profit comes from food sales. We decided to utilize Arco’s ties with AM/PM to create a unique customer experience and build greater profit.


After interviewing and doing online research, we broke down the needs of our users and compared the number of steps it would take the customer now to pump gas and buy a snack, versus the number of steps it would take with our new system. Our solution involved four elements that would speed up the gas pump experience:

(1) save returning customer payment and gas information
(2) keeping the information secure with a keychain + RFID sticker for each car
(3) be able to purchase and receive snacks using the same payment system as the gas (efficiency and pleasure)
(4) a “toll booth” style wayfinding system to streamline cars

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