Break the Taboo

Branding Print User Interface Campaign Strategy

Duration: 9 weeks

My Role: Research, Concept, Branding, User Interface, Print Design

The Problem

WaterAid is a globally-recognized organization that has more than 30 years experience of bringing water, sanitation and hygiene education to where it is needed most. This project was to build a campaign for WaterAid in support of hygiene and education for women and girls. The lack of basic necessities such as hygiene and toilets lead to unsafe, de-humanizing, and unhealthy situations especially when they go through menstruation. The campaign was meant for women in America to sympathize with these women by breaking the taboo of talking about their bodies.


One in three lives without an adequate toilet. 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation and 1.1 billion still practice open defecation. Improved sanitation has proven impacts on health, quality of life and poverty reduction. As a result of the problem:

-Women and girls are exposed to preventable shame, disease, harassment and attacks
-Women and girls living without access to a toilet spend 97 billion hours each year looking for a place to go to the bathroom
-Schools cannot provide clean, safe toilets and girls must skip school when they are on their period
-Girls are ashamed to discuss or talk about menstruation; in some communities they are also culturally shunned during their cycle


WaterAid’s challenge is reaching out to an audience that is in developed countries, while most of the projects they do happen in less developed countries. Because issues like hygiene, lack of toilets, and sanitation is not something that donors can related to, it is important to reach out to them in other relatable ways. Without connection, sympathy is difficult to accomplish.

I decided to focus on the shared connection of how menstruation is not really something all women can comfortably discuss in public. Break the Taboo suggests eliminating awkwardness and being more aware of the beauty and respect of womanhood. The audience is encouraged to download an app and make the brand’s red dot (the period) creatively beautiful.

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