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Michelle Furedy

Duration: Five Weeks

My Role: User Research, Personas, Branding, Wireframing, Screen Design, Product Design, User Testing, Prototyping, Marketing Video

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The Problem

More seniors are "aging in place" and continuing to live in their own homes. Although this gives them more independence, it also leads to loneliness and depression. The Internet is an excellent way for people to stay in touch, but not all seniors find it simple to use.

The Solution

Kibo is a social app paired with a voice recognition device that uses Apple's Siri and Amazon Echo's voice technology to allow seniors to vocally or manually exchange reminders, messages and media with their loved ones. It opens the possibility of ways to communicate with senior accessibility in mind.


Michelle and I knew that we wanted to gear our product to something that would benefit seniors. After interviewing a handful of seniors and a caretaker, we realized that there was a need to better connect people with their aging parents whom they can’t often see. Kibo was a product for two user groups and so we distributed an online survey to get more feedback from children with aging parents.

We researched existing apps for seniors and looked into Amazon Echo’s capabilities to figure out the viability of our product. Throughout the project we continued doing research on senior accessibility and how to treat visual and audio components.

Nesta shares an interesting report on systematic innovation for the aging population.


We created task flows for three features that Kibo will have that would utilize the app’s interface and audio capabilities. Our goal was to create enough screens to test how accessible our app was, and how seniors responded to their ability to hear and vocally create messages via the Kibo device.

We did two rounds of testing and adjusted things based on our findings. I spent a little over a week using the Accessibility Settings on my iPhone to get a better sense of what sorts of senior accessibility features existed.

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Research, Personas, & Empathy Map

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User Testing

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Product Design

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